TOM Gist: Judge Rules Meek Mill Violated Probation, Sentencing Set For February


Meek Mill tried to claim that protein shakes caused him to fail a recent drug test he had to undertake as part of his probation, but the judge wasn’t buying it today when the Philly rapper took his case to court.

Meek pleaded with the courtroom that he isn’t a thug or gangster, has grown but knows he has more room to go, and other various things to build his character, but at the end of the day it was ruled he’d violated his drug testing and travel restrictions.

There was no sentencing given at this time, but theMMG rapper will have to go back to face his unknown penalties February 5th.

Hopefully he can avoid more jail time and can get back to focusing on his career.

Meek Mill on the stand: “I believe I have a lot more growing to do…before this case I was on the road to destruction.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Meek Mill apologizes to DA for making a rap about her.“It was immature. I think it was me being emotional.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Mill: “I’m don’t wanna be a criminal. I’m not a gangsta. But I’m not a perfect man … I have the potential to be greater than I am today.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Mill: “I walk around w/ Queen Nikki. Things are different
now. I act different. I walk different. I can be the biggest
rapper in the world.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Mill: “I hang in clubs, people from the hood,the streets,where people are not about the same things as me…I have to walk away.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Judge delays sentencing until Feb. 5. Travels restrictions in place. Judge: “You cannot perform, even if performance is in Philadelphia.”
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

Judge: Submitting cold water for urine test and breaking travel restrictions considered “technical violation” of probation.
— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) December 17, 2015

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