Interview : TOM Xclusive Chat With Dj Tony (@Therealdjtony)

Still On The TOM Xclusive Chat, On todays edition TOM Had A brief chat with a reknown Club Dj By The Name Dj Tony. view what transpired between Dj Tony And TOM Reporter.

The last Time TOM had a chat with You, You Where at the Top of your game in the Industry,  I bet now you are more at the top of your game than you where back then, tell us how is life going with you?

It hasn’t been easy bro, but Thank God the hustle is paying gradually, And Am Still on My Grind (Laughs).

How does it feel being so young in the entertainment industry?

Well To Be Honest, Its Been Really Great Knowing That There is still time for you work More Harder put more effect when the Energy and the Zeal is Intact.

Talking about your personal life, are you single? i Bet alot of ladies out there would like to know (laughs)

(Laughs) Am not single, Am in relationship.

We Would Like you to tell us what you think would help Benue Music industry grow to much higher grounds.

Well I Think If the Artist come to gether as one Voice to work for the progress of the industry it will help alot.

As a well known Dj if you are to come up what a concept that would help up and coming artist what would you have in mind?

I think I would create a platform for freestyle cypher shows and also DJ Rave.

Thats Actually a nice Idea I must say.

We would like you to give us a list of your top 5 Benue Emcees (Rappers) in ascending order of your rating.. and can you as well give us a brief reason as to Made you place them in that order

Ok My Benue Top 5 Emcees are

4.Emperor Swag
5.Yong Kesh 

My reasons for this particular order is

1. Floxzy: She is an Awesome rapper in All her track she delivers mind blowing lyrics couple with tracks she is featured in. She is just Good I Must Say, I call her Naija Own Dej Loaf (Laughs).

2. Soulz: Soulz is another Great rapper right from when he was in circular music till this very moment. He recently Switched to Gospel and I thought he was going to loose his tourch but then he still kept the fire Burning.

3. Danni: Danni Danni, This Guy Is something else, When I say something else I mean his flows are so raw, so original, so unique, he sought of brings humour to the rap music.

4. Emperor Swag: Ok This is another rapper that spits Fires. He is Fast he is dynamic, He flows in his dialect perfectly. He is young and raps like someone older and mature.

5. Yong Kesh: This Guy is one rapper I can categorically say is full of surprises when it comes to Punchlines, He Plays with the Beat Like a kid playing with his toys. He is Good.

Should we at TOM and your fans out there expect any thing from you before the year runs out?

Yes, am currently working on a new mixtape.

Thank you droping by Dj Tony
You are welcome.

Dj Tony(1)

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