Interview: TOM Xclusive Chat With Mc Johnicks


Still On The TOM Xclusive Chat, On todays edition TOM Had A wonderful chat with Mc Johnicks The CEO Of Johnicks Studio Villa. view what transpired between Johnicks And TOM Reporter.

Who is Johnicks, we would like to know a little about the mind behind Johnicks.

The mind behind Johnicks is a very simple person. Born in the early 80’s, He is from the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Johnicks is basically known to be a recording Studiovilla, But Now it has evolved tremendously into a big firm with features like Music Video production, Radio, Talents Tv, Event management to mention but a few. Tell us how has things been working out for you.

It has been an uphill task but things have been working out for Johnicks Studiovilla because the Grace of God is with us.

We would like you to tell us in what ways your firm has contributed to the growth of the Benue Industry.

Johnicks Studiovilla apart from being a multimedia production studio is a human capacity builder, lending a hand to the discovery, nurturing and development of talents.

Pursuing our dreams, we have been able to discover and assist lots of Benue artistes through our numerous talent development programs and projects.

I can humbly say that a good number of the artistes trending in Benue and its environs at the moment were at the nursery stages of their careers nurtured and supported by our humble organization. Jumabee, Mark Owi, Shogzi, Pastor Nicodemus (Then Teazar) and a few others can lend a voice to that.

In the area of sound engineers and producers, its heart warming to say that a good portion of Benue’s finest producers at the moment passed through  Johnicks Studiovilla as interns and apprentices on their way up. These include Mozez T. A. (Now Autoclave), Genus, Limoblaze, Boi Bee, Yung Echow and Elsammy .

You’ll agree with me that it is most difficult to work with talents at the early stages of their career but it’s also cool to sit back at some time in life and appreciate the fact that you contributed to the success of others.

Can you give us a list of projects you have come up with in the past as regards to aiding the up and coming acts.

Mmmmmm… that’s a long one.

We cut our teeth in 2005 with the Night of fun show held in December 2005 at NASME barracks auditorium Makurdi. The event brought out Otukpo based group “Mid Sidas”. Now known as Seaman, the artiste has grown into a Lagos based producer with NuageIcons Studio.

In 2006, a new edition of the night of fun show in partnership with NTA Makurdi showcased Wanamase and a host of other Benue upcoming artistes.

In 2007, the G-squad annual talent project was born. The first edition discovered Ordizo, Rapizo (the known as Rapture), Ordizo, Trezy, Dan federman & Bishop Xmighty.

The subsequent editions in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 brought forth lots of Artistes including J Drillz, Zowrah, Da Pisanto (Now Big Dreams), St. Lee, Speed T, Don pet, Mzee and lots more. The G squad project was a sensation in Benue State which churned out 5 talented artistes yearly and these artistes were supported musically and financially within the lean resources of Johnicks Studiovilla for 1 year after which they were expected to stand on their own and fend for themselves.

Like I mentioned earlier, the list of programs I have undertaken in the interest of artistes are so many.

After running the G squad project successfully for 5 years, the project was put to rest.

In 2012, the studio put up a special talent project that brought out Treasa, Late Pa Rosco Agabo (Then aged over 70), Flexo and Master pee amongst others.

Standup Benue was born in 2013 and that produced Freshdude, the 2014 edition of Standup Benue brought forth Faywiz, Berry V, Meez, Paul Stones and RKB.

Its worthy to note that 2 years after my M.Sc in Mass Communication, I picked a radio job (Monday eXtra) and noticed that OAPs and radio presenters saw Music from a different perspective from that of the artiste and so we put up a special project, MicCheck. MicCheck targeted upcoming artistes alongside OAPs and radio presenters, that saw H316, TY yongo, Dj Ideal amongst others stepping up to the mic to record music for the first time. Inas was spotted out during this project.

Still in 2014, we organized a freebeat contest and amongst over 138 recordings sent in from over 13 states in Nigeria, Meddy an indigenous idoma rapper clinched the number one spot with his sensational song ‘Chocolate’ and thereafter begun the leap up the ladders of his career.

Oops… the list is so much.

Still in 2014, we organized an xmas freebeat contest in partnership with Radio Benue 95.0fm & Solid 100.9FM Enugu and Lee Buah, Jvibes and Mcdow emerged winners.

2015 has not been left out of our talent programs. We ran a Rare Genre rap contest won by JoniJay, Pillz and Aib.

And we still have so much on our plates in the area of programs for artistes before the end of the year 2015.

If you are given the mandate or the mantle to do more, I mean contribute more, what you like to come up with.

If given resources and support, my main focus will be on a special project close to my heart that is designed to put ‘Bread’ on the table of Benue’s rising artistes.

I really appreciate you and commend your work for the artistes in this state.  You are like a blessing to many, it hasn’t been very easy with you I guess? What are the challenges you have faced along the line?

The challenges I face are numerous. But I will like to sum this all into two:  The lack of Human and financial resources.

Managing human beings is really a problem… if you doubt me, ask my boys. Sometimes its like hell. But when you do a thing because you love it, it becomes easy.

How do you Picture the Benue music industry 5 years from now?

I picture the industry getting bigger and better.

Can you give us an Overview of what you have in store for the industry come 2016?

Wow… I think next year, it going to be about Videos, Videos and More Videos. I believe Benue has got lots of awesome producers and artistes but we lack Good videos.

I plan to invest a lot into new video equipment and turning out lots of industry standard videos proudly made in Benue.

Rounding up this wonderful chat, we would like you to tell us a bit about your personal life, After all work how do you chill, word flying around is “Johnicks is too strict and not easy going”, I mean from the little I know about you I barely believed it. Can you throw more light on that, clear the air.


My personal life is really very private and if you’ll permit, I will love it to remain that way.

About chilling, I unwind by watching Korean Movies.

Johnicks ‘Strict and not easy going’?

I work with a lot of people and so it’s only natural to be strict when you need to be strict. But not easy going? I think that’s a wrong opinion.

Do you have any Xmas message to your fans out there, any shout out?

My message is that they shouldn’t celebrate Xmas, forgetting Jesus, The reason for the season.

Shout outs to All Benue artistes, my family, my siblings, management and staff of Johnicks Studiovilla, Vibrant Academy and Talents TV.

Shout out to my colleagues at the Radio house… and a special shout out to all bloggers especially

And a special shoutout to everyone that has taken out time to support up and coming artistes.

Long live Johnicks Studiovilla

Long Live Tapoutmusic

Long Live the Benue entertainment industry.

Thanks for having me.

You Have Read it all From MC Johnicks Of Johnicks Studio Villa, Tell us what you think About Him By droping your Comments below… and Stay tune for our next Episode

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