Interview: TOM Xclusive Chat With Merit Achegbulu


Still On The TOM Xclusive Chat, On todays edition TOM Had A brief chat with Merit Achegbulu Founder of Friendsmade Media. view what transpired between Merit And TOM Reporter.

It feels really nice to Have you here, tell us how is life going with you i mean The hustle, The buzzling, the industry, i mean every thing give us a breakdown please.
Yeah. It’s not been easy with life and all but the beautiful thing is, it only gets better. We don’t loose, we only win or learn. As for the hustle, we keeping it real as we branch out. God has given us a gift. It’s up us to use to use it for the greater good of all.

Tell us what you feel about the benue music industry in general
The Benue Music industry is still at it’s infancy. We still got a long way to go. The music industry in Benue needs some sort of solid structure and a developmental programme to groom up and coming young stars on the business. The Government also needs to support the industry in a whole lot of ways. Aside the numerous challenges facing the industry, we are futunate to have the must talented crop of music acts in the country. The amount of raw talents that abounds in Benue is just incredible. We are blessed.

So in what ways have you contributed in the growth of the Benue Industry, becuase your brand is like known arround the major areas of the state.
Before I started blogging, the only way most Benue artist knew how to promote their Songs back then was on Radio which is not cost friendly at all, (laughs). There was only one really known blog promoting music in Benue, that was Cyberbunk.com. So I stepped in and made a Mark. I also inspired so many Benue boys to pick up blogging as a tool for social change and also a great platform to promote not just music, but also our rich Benue cultural in a way never seen before. So, I think I have tried a lil and am still learning to even do more. We have so much potentias, we can be more.

ok! if you are given the opportunity to start up something be it big or Small like an event or something that you feel the state is lacking behind at what would it be?
I think I will do an exclusive music award show. I mean strickly music. This way, we going to create a standard upon which music acts are judged. Most Artists here don’t even know what genre of music they do,they just download beats, jump in the studio & and boom, they got a song. With a music award show, they will start to see the game differently, and this would really help the industry

Word on the streets is that “Merit that friendsmade boss get one record label o” can you clear the air on that please
Hahaha, do we really have any record label in Benue? The last time I checked, I saw none. But anyways, I do not have a label yet. Maybe someday, for now, No. But I do own a management outfit where we manage the finest music/comedy acts. I mean, the next generation super stars, (Laughs) trust me. We have a deal with a couple of lads we working with currently, Boi Beezee (Producer/Hiphop artist) , MC FreshBoi (comedian), Phontera (Rapper) and Reginald (Rapper). So far, it’s been an awesome experience working with these guys.

Can you give us an insight of what you have in store for the industry come 2016.
2016 is going to be a game changing year for my Brand and indeed all the brands am working with. I wount comment much on it, but I am putting it in God’s hands for now.

All been said we would like to know abit about your personal life,Like!! are you in a relationship? what is it about you that makes you who you are? some peeps say you are shy (laughs), how true is that? Because i dont see you as a shy guy..

I am terrible. I am shy to the bone. Like Don Jazzy shy I swear, although my shyness usually ends when am in the room with a woman (Laughs). But I am lucky to have a cool clique of friends who makes it easy for me to blend in, plus I do have a great sense of humor. What makes me who I am is being myself at every giving time knowing that God is in control.
Talking about Relationship relationship relationship. My r/ship status is “Hunger” for now jare. (Laughs). 

(Laughs) I will Take That relationship status are Being Single… Well It was really Nice having you arround,and thanks for dropping by.
I am humbled sir. Thanks for having me. By the way, You are doing a great job. Keep the good work up. God bless

You Have Read it all From Merit Achebulu Of Friendsmade and Chopper City, Tell us what you think About Him By droping your Comments below…and Stay tune for our next Episode

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