Interview: TOM Xclusive Chat With Don K


Still On The TOM Xclusive Chat, On todays edition TOM Had A brief chat with a reknown Artist By the Name Don K. view what transpired between Don K And TOM Reporter.

We would like to know a little about you, who is Don K?
My full name is Don Gordon Kpasa,i am from Rivers State.Grew up in the city of Port Harcourt before gaining admission to Uniben where i studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering. Graduated 2014.i have always had a passion for music/arts at a very early age.Don K is an exceptionally creative artiste,i love experimenting with different sounds, my kind of music isnt just limited to a particular genre.

How come about the name Don K,I guess the K is of Kpasa or does it stand for something else?
Yeah the K is for Kpasa and Don is my first name,hard to believe right?? but yes its my real name.Its been my nickname for over a decade now.It came to me when i discovered i had the potential of being an Artiste professionally someday.So i had to you know..Name myself.

It’s really nice to have you on this chat, tell us how is life going with you i mean The hustle, The buzzling, the industry, give us a breakdown please.
Ermm..Well Honestly speaking its not been easy,as an upcoming unsigned artist there are lots of challenges you face,You have the money challenge, acceptance.and so on.. there are lots of people looking down on you even though you actually make great songs.You even try to reach out to some people out there you feel could help your career move forward but you dont get any feedback.There are also a certain set of people telling you the kind of music they think you should be doing.And you and I know the nigerian music industry is still growing,it doesnt  really have a diverse market and theres are a whole lot of things that arent even in place yet.Well all the same i see a limitless set of possibilities here so am just going to keep doing what i love.

Ok Thats Nice so Tell us what you feel about the Nigeria music industry in general.
A lot of work needs to be done,the nigerian music industry is still growing. As i said earlier a lot of things still arent in place but i believe it would reach the heights its supposed to attain cause its growing at a very fast rate.Imagine the nigerian industry five years ago is far from what it is now.

Yeah You damn Right About that!! You have been into Music for About 5 years, tell us how come about the decision? what motivated you into choosing this part, how has it worked out for you?
I always wanted to make music but i never had the opportunity to do so professionally until early 2011 when i was invited to the studio by my current producer/Sound engineer Docside.Had my first studio session, it was more like a freestyle recording tho and 3 months later i was on the first song ever recorded alongside Quake & Docside.It was a group song.

My passion and love for music played a vital role in my choice and since i choose to walk down this path its been a life changing experience for me.Being an artiste has changed my life forever,from my own persepective now but soon enough you would understand perfectly and see it the same way from your own perspective

So Can we listen to the first single you ever recorded as a solo Artist?
yeh sure you can as a Matter of Fact I have the file is availble even for free Download Its Titled “You Know”

Download and listen to the Track Below

DOWNLOAD Don K – You Know

You where once a member of group called the “Flatmatez”? and now you have gone solo, can you tell us what came up about the seperation?
Yeah i was,there wasnt really a seperation i just felt more in touch with being Don K and exploring my potential as a solo artiste,Every single one of us have always been solo artistes before flatmatez the two other members of the group(Quake & Docside) are my very close friends so we can decide to make music whenever we want.They both still make music as solo artiste,plus we still record together once in a while.

As far as i can tell you are one among the hottest and trending artist in Port harcourt,What are your plans to reach out to the broader Naija community? How do you intend to
break into the ever-growing market within Nigeria?

My sound is unique,if you listen you would love it.I just need to be exposed to a wider audience and the rest would just fall in place.I believe there are lots of music lovers out there yearning for the kind of music i make,i strongly believe i would successfully break into the nigerian market soon enough.

Homie, for the records, I love that “Nkechi” track, what does “Nkechi” mean? what inspired you into coming up with a track like that which is doing so well since its release, i mean that last time I checked it has over 200,000 (two hundred thousand) Downloads,i can bet your fans out there are anticipating a music video for this track do not  let them down bro.
Yayy!! Thanks,Nkechi is a song about a beautiful,hot young girl who i have a thing for and she loves me right back in a way i could never had imagined. In a nutshell Nkechi is a ride or chick..Lol.The feedback since i dropped Nkechi has been massive.Its actually has over 500,000 downloads now..working on the Video By Gods grace it would be out soon.Nkechi was one of the two songs i wrote after i started my NYSC,it was actually inspired by a lady i met in the east during my first few months of service..i was smiling the whole time i was composing that song,it was the first time i was singing throughout a song without rapping.The song just felt great from the very first day and i decided to release and push it to the best of my ability.

For Those Yet To Listen to the track Nkechi Cop It below
DOWNLOAD Don K – Nkechi

Wow That is Massive!!! So what are your plans for this year? any Mixtape, Album or Tour on the way?
First am starting this year by dropping the video for my buzzing single Nkechi,after that i have a whole lot of other surprises coming!!I dont want to spoil the surpise,you would be totally stunned by the next sets of things am going to do after that Video drops..Just wait for it..??

In conclusion, what would you like to add? Any shout-outs?
Am Don K and i make great music,if you love me and my music i would never let you down..You can stay in touch with me via Twitter & Instagram @DonKpasa ,Shout out to my fans and shout out to everyone one whos inspired and supported me up till this point and also to those who keep on making great music.God bless Yall!!One Love!

You Read It all people. Much have already been said By Don K, Lets Just sit Back relax and anticipate his forth Coming Surprises

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