TOM Gist: Jay Electronica Threatens To Slap 50 Cent And Calls Kendrick Lamar His ‘Son’

Jay Electronica
Jay Electronica’s Friday night Periscope session got pretty real.

Jay Electronica is the latest rapper to open a Periscope account. The mysterious lyricist was answering questions from fans Friday night and let them know his feelings towards a few other MC’s. While bumping Future‘s new album, Jay let had some choice things to say when a fan asked about Kendrick Lamar .

“Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me,”

Jay Electronica went on to praise certain rappers like Drake and Freddie Gibbs , but when a fan brought up 50 Cent, he made it clear where he stood:

“Right now he got the potential to be a rapper but he’s on some $ucker shit… and we will slap 50 Cent’s eyeballs loose out his scalp.”

Naturally, the clip has been taken down from Periscope itself, but someone has been kind enough to upload it to YouTube. Tune in below.


UPDATE: Montreality has put together a reel of some of the most memorable moments from Jay Elec’s Periscope session, complete with the actual questions from users.

View it below.


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