TOM Gist: Nick Cannon Wants To Battle Eminem For $100 ,000

Nick Cannon is challenging rappers to come battle him for
$100,000. His desired opponent: Eminem.

Nick Cannon has been working his way back into the rap game,
contributing a couple of songs to the “Chi-Raq” soundtrack and, more recently, teaming up with rapper ImAMovie as the NCredible Gang. He’s so confident in his mic skills, in fact, that he’s willing to challenge the game’s very best — most notably Eminem — for a lot of money. During a recent interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Cannon announced that he plans to host a rap battle around the time of the BET Awards (June 26), with each competitor putting forth $100,000. He wants Eminem to be first in line.

If Eminem accepts the challenge (which he almost positively won’t), it’ll be a continuation of a years-old rivalry that was most
heated in the late ’00s and early ’10s. Mariah Carey provoked
Em with “Obsessed,” and he came back with a ruthless diss track, “The Warning,” that, by extension, was of great offense to Nick Cannon, Carey’s husband at the time. A year later, Cannon
responded with a diss track of his own that didn’t quite garner the same attention as “The Warning.”

When Westwood asked him about their feud, Cannon didn’t seem
to relay any animosity, though he affirmed that he’s still looking to go toe-to-toe with Em in the rap arena. “I’m still ready!” he exclaimed. “I’m trying to find him. Where is he?”

He then revealed that he’s already issued the $100,000 challenge
to rappers like Tyga as well as the members of the Shady Records group Slaughterhouse . “I done reached out to Tyga. He didn’t want it,” said Cannon. “I went to all Slaughterhouse. I did it like Mortal Kombat, I said I’ll take all of them out to get to the boss.” That seems to imply that the Slaughterhouse gang also declined the wager.

Eventually, Westwood respectfully tells him that he might need a
reality check, getting Cannon to admit that Em is “one of the best to ever do it.” Though it could be a gruesome match, I’d get MTV2 just to see Slim Shady guest on “Wild ‘N Out,” especially if 200 large is on the line.

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